• You can apply for a refund only within a period of 7 days from subscription or payment date.

  • We’ll refund you in full if we don’t initiate the (SEO) project work within 7 days of making payment.

  • If your given information is wrong and after getting report for any of our services if you ask for full or partial refund it won’t be possible.

  • Within 24 hrs of making payment if you don’t want us to start the project at all you can ask for full refund. If you contact us for cancellation of project then we’ll deduct proportionally and refund you accordingly.

  • If you are unsatisfied with the incomplete portion of the project then you can get proportional refund for the remaining work / project.

  • If the client don’t share the desire information in time, refund or any other request will not be processed.

  • Any legal action taken before refund request will void the normal refund facility.

  • Only written (Mail) request will be considered. No verbal request.