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Google Ads Updates: ‘continuous audience sharing’ for manager accounts

Google Ads Updates:

Google ads has added a new opt-in capability. This feature is now available in manager account settings. This feature enables to share audiences within manager accounts.

Now a new setting is available in manager account called ” Continues audience sharing”. This setting helps to share all audience lists available in manager account with its sub-accounts.

Google Ads Updates has also declared that a reverse option will be available within a few months(i.e. share lists in sub-account with manager account).

Key Points:

This setting simplifies the list sharing process of top brands and organizations which have multiple sub-accounts under one manager accounts.

The most important thing is that tags and re-marketing lists contains highly confidential or proprietary data. So, this lists must be shared with caution and proper permission. To go through this entire process, you must have administrative access to the manager account.


(Sending list upwards)
firstly share all audience lists from specific sub-accounts to My Client Center (MCC)

(Sending lists downwards)
Secondly share lists from MCC to all or specific sub accounts by using 2 methods (i.e Automatic or Manually).

For more details on the process.

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