Google Search Console permits to export more data.

Google Search Console Updates:

Search Console users can now extract whole data (instead of particular table views) from almost all reports, Google introduced Wednesday. Data can be exported as a Google Sheet, Excel or .CSV file. 

Being capable to export your Google Search Console reports makes it simpler to analyze and manipulate the information using different tools. It also gives you with the alternative to join datasets, perform more advanced analyses or simply visualize the records a different way.

Downloaded Enhancement reports consist of the list of problems and their affected pages, a day by day breakdown of your pages, their status and impressions from Google search. When downloading a particular drill-down view, details describing the view are also included in the exported file.

All Performance information tabs (Queries, Pages, Countries, Devices, Search appearances and Dates) can now be downloaded with one click. The information will consist of an extra “Filters” tab that shows which filters have been utilized when you exported the file.


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